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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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In Summary

Throughout April and May we have published a series of blogs focussed on Attracting and Retaining Future Talent. We have summarised the blogs into 5 top tips!

  1. Use the resources you already have – your employees! They have huge networks of similarly skilled friends and colleagues so introduce an employee referral scheme to make sure you are seeing the talent.
  2. Make the most of careers fairs. Yes, they can be a bit of a slog but they are really effective at getting your name out there!
  3. Use assessment centres. You may see many candidates and you have to get to know each one in a short period of time. Assessment centres are great for this, just make sure you plan.
  4. Consider hiring an apprentice. The Government has set aside money to support businesses hiring apprentices so make use of this!
  5. Don’t give up! Just because you haven’t found someone yet doesn’t mean you won’t. Keep your name out there and be prepared to see a lot of applications who aren’t what you are looking for. It’s worth sifting through the talent to find the gems (we can even do it for you!).

If you would like our help or advice in Attracting and Retaining Future Talent, contact us today!

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