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What to Include in a Successful Assessment Centre

Group Activities: A common element of assessment centres. These are useful to see how the candidate interacts in a team situation, as well as spotting the ones who go above and beyond the norm. Look for organisational skills, leadership skills and candidates with strong inter-personal skills.

Presentations. Give your candidates notice that they will be expected to give a presentation so that they will have time to prepare. You will see the candidates who have truly prepared and the ones who have decided to wing it! Or if you really want to challenge an individual on how they handle pressure you could also tell them in the morning that you want them to present in the afternoon and see how they handle this short deadline and pressure!

Psychometric Tests. These can be done electronically before the event, meaning you have a good idea of each candidate’s personality before they come in. you can group the candidates together based on their test results, ensuring you get a good mix of candidates in each team.

Case Studies. Give the candidates an example of a real life problem and ask them to work through it, either as a team or individually. In tray exercises are a really good way to test individual’s ability to prioritise and work to a deadline. You could come in at certain intervals and give them updates that change the exercise to see how they deal with that challenge.

Social Events. Gather your candidates together at the end of the day or at lunch time for an opportunity for them to network. It’s a great way to chat to them in a more informal setting.

At simple HR we have wealth of knowledge and material to support your business through an assessment. Or if your business is looking for something very different we can write an assessment day specifically for you. Contact us today to chat with our team about your recruitment needs and material.

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