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Aligning Talent Development with Organisational Strategy


When you set out your Organisational Strategy it is imperative that you ensure your employees are included. You have to ensure that you also plan for their development to have the right resources in place to guide them through their development.

Don’t be afraid to delegate to your team leaders. Keep your management team in the loop when it comes to your Organisational Strategy. They are more aware of their teams’ requirements than anyone else so utilise their knowledge! They will probably have some great ideas or suggestions.

Encourage them to carry out appraisals with each member of their team, and draw up Personal Development Plans (PDPs) for each employee. Once you have this information, you will be able to identify training needs.

The main objective of this exercise is to identify any future skills gaps. You want to ensure that you have (roughly) planned when to promote existing  staff and when you will need to take on new staff. By doing this you will get the new team members on board in plenty of time and avoid an expensive and stressful period of overtime for your existing employees.

Don’t forget – it is normally cheaper to train your current employees rather than to take on new staff. Think objectively about training needs and involve the employees in this process. The might be desperate for the chance to develop new skills.

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