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Future Leaders


An important part of being a manager is identifying who will progress to become a manager, or even take over your position. It is less expensive to develop the talent you already have into managerial positions, than to hire externally.

Once you have identified the employees whose skills and strengths match to the future of the Company, and have the right attitude and skillset, you need to think about how you can give them the best grounding to progress in the Company.

Firstly, it would be beneficial to give them a chance to work in different departments of the Company. This will give them to chance to see everything that goes on in the business, as well as experience work from other people’s point of views.

Don’t be afraid to challenge them and take them out of their comfort zones. Give them unfamiliar jobs, and see how they get on. Remember that failure offers a chance to learn.

Make sure that they are always getting feedback, support and mentoring. The experience will be futile if you don’t commit fully. Delegate support and mentoring to other managers in the business to take the edge of you, and help both parties by giving them the chance to see things from another point of view.

Developing your talent now will benefit the business hugely in the future. If you would like some guidance on identifying your Future Leaders, call us today!

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