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Tools Available to Develop your Talent



When it comes to developing talent sometimes it feels like you need a readymade toolbox to guide you through! Some of the tools you might use are:

Training Sessions. Training Sessions, when carried out effectively, are an incredibly useful tool for talent development. We write and deliver training sessions to a variety of clients and enjoy delivering the sessions. We did a whole blog series on Training a few months ago so check that out!
On-the-job Training. Training an employee whilst they carry out their role is not appropriate for every position, but can be a really successful method of training for those employees who like to be hands-on. Watching someone else doing a job can be tedious. Sometimes doing things for yourself is the only way to make a process stick in the mind and truly understand tasks.
Personality profiling.  There are many tools available here; our consultants are fully trained to use personality profiling. This tool enables you to understand your people better and manage your employees you need to understand what makes them tick. The DISC model is a tool we all find useful! Furthermore, you can match your people against the right roles based on personality. Once you understand more about how your employees tick, you can work on developing their skills in a way that suits them.
Team Building Days! The first step to any strong team is building good relationships between members. Once they have developed that bond, your team will work together to progress and learn new skills.
Books/ on-line resources. Don’t forget about the good old days before technology took over. New skills and development tools can be learnt by simply picking up a book. Go to your local library today and search for Theorists such as Kirkpatrick, Kolb and Adams. If you really must use technology you will find lots of information online too!
Qualifications. Giving progression opportunities to current employees rather than recruiting every time a skilled post becomes available is something to consider. Qualifications can be achieved by attending night classes, day release college courses and online lessons too.
Organisational Development Programmes. Simple HR run Organisational Development Programmes tailored to your business to help you grow and develop as a team. We have a full blog post dedicated to these programmes coming next week so stay tuned!

If you would like more advice on developing your talent, contact us today!

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