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Effective Handovers


We mentioned briefly in last week’s blog post how important Effective Handovers are when people are going on holiday.

Handovers are essential, and a bad handover is sometimes worse than none at all. A week before you are due to go away, the handover essentially begins. Compose a document including what you are currently working on, and what you expect to happen whilst you are away. Try to include dates, email addresses and contact numbers. Meet with the team a few days before your due to leave and run through the handover you have written. They will inevitably have questions and points that you hadn’t even thought about! This is also a good chance to decide who will pick up what when you are away. Include this on the Handover Document to ensure that everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing.

Update the Handover Document to include these points, also update it so when you leave on your last day, it is an accurate reflection of what you are working on. This way, you have left the team in the best possible position to pick up work.

In your absence, the document you composed should be updated with new developments on your work, and new tasks that come in. Therefore, when you return you should have an accurate reflection of how things were on the last day of your holiday.

If this process is followed every time someone goes on holiday, the impact to the Company should be minimal.

If you would like more advice on lowering the impact of absence, please contact us today.

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