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Managing Summer Sporting Events


This year there are many exciting sporting events, and you will need to ensure that you manage your employees fairly. You don’t want these invents to impact at work, but you don’t want to ruin the events for your employees.

Wimbledon has been and gone, The World Cup has just finished and you may think the hard times have passed, we can’t lose any more! But the Commonwealth Games are just around the corner…

Did you know that it is thought that around 8% of employees took unplanned absence to watch the World Cup last year? The impact in loss of productivity in unplanned absence is far greater than a planned one so a good approach to take here is to try to plan and accommodate absence in advance. Ask employees whether they would be willing to take a day or half a day annual leave to watch the match (or to recuperate the day after!). Manage employees’ expectations early.

Remind them that all disciplinary processes regarding unplanned absence and lateness still apply. Do not let this slip and ensure you apply consistently.

It is also worth thinking about putting a television in the office (make sure that you have the correct television license). This way, employees can still be involved in the event. You will, of course, have to monitor this to make sure people are still working and not spending the whole day watching TV!

You may also want to draw employees’ attention to your Companies Social Media and Internet policy. We don’t recommend implementing a blanket ban on the use of Social Media, etc. but limit it to within acceptable standards. Allow people to read updates on their favourite event.

If you would like more information on Managing Events in the workplace, contact us today.


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