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Holiday Season Employment Hot Topics

Christmas can throw up a number of issues for employers. With Christmas parties, gifts, religion,  holiday requests and bonuses to name a few  it is essential that you prepare for the  festive period.

The Christmas Party

Christmas parties are a great way to say thank you to colleagues for all their hard work throughout the year. However they are a particularly big issue for employers, with many having to decide how to ensure employees behave appropriately, how to deal with worse-for-wear workers who turn up late the morning after and how to ensure that your festive night out does not turn into a lengthy, complex grievance procedure . Simple HR can help by providing a Party Policy that allows you to set expectations and avoid the above!

Christmas Gifts

The festive period is also the ideal time to reward and incentivise employees. Not thinking through the intricacies of gift-giving for a diverse workforce could end up causing more harm than good, so employers should take the time to select carefully, giving consideration to any cultural or religious beliefs.

Religion and belief issues

So should employees who practice faiths other than Christianity receive the same gifts as Christian  employees? As an employer do you want to differentiate and should they be given additional annual leave to enable them to celebrate religious festivals? Employers that observe good practice in respect of religion and belief can build a more diverse, respectful and motivated workforce. It is essential that these are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Simple HR can help you to implement policies that will set out the organisation’s values and expected behaviour of employees with respect to religion and belief, employers can promote a culture of respect for religious diversity.

Holiday Requests

Employers that stay open over the festive period may also have a battle on their hands dealing with conflicting holiday requests from employees.

You might have asked all your staff to agree between them who will be on holiday over Christmas and New Year and who would be manning the fort at that time but what do you do when this hasn’t worked and everyone wants the same time off! This can be for a variety of reasons from religious observance to childcare, to their having worked the break last year. So how do you choose who is allowed leave? If you are facing this issue its not too late. Here at Simple HR one of our Senior HR Professionals can help guide you through this process.

Christmas Bonuses

You may normally give employees a Christmas bonus and are thinking about not paying and worrying about any potential litigation from this or if it has been a particularly good year and you wish to reward your employees. Here at Simple HR we can help, minimise any potential risks and find a solution that best fits your business.

If you would like to discuss any of the above please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01506 237753.

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