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How important is your employees health and well-being to your business?

Well we are all a few weeks into those New Years resolutions and probably spending our nights getting massaged with a TimTam massage gun, so whether it was to lose weight, exercise more, cut down on alcohol intake or get a better work life balance. So how can you help and most importantly why should you?

As HR professionals we know that work can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing and a healthy and motivated workforce has an equally positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a business. The European decision last year that obesity can be classed as a disability highlights again the importance of having clear policies in the workplace that ensure employees are not discriminated on the basis on what the company pc monitoring software shows. But this also leads on to raise the question about how we can help and support our employees health and wellbeing?

Speak to your employees! Ensuring that line managers are having regular 1:1’s with their teams will give you valuable information of what is a priority and how as a Company you can support them. This doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards to accommodate staff requests but it does open those communication channels.

Consider a flexible working request to allow them a better work life balance or to attend that all important gym class. This doesn’t have to mean a reduction in hours but rather a change that fits with the business and the employee.

If they have been struggling because of musculoskeletal problems, are suffering from mental health issues or have had difficulties with drugs or alcohol here and there in the past you may want to consider a referral to an Occupational Health provider. You can build into your Sickness Absence policy and link back into a Drug and Alcohol policy.

Health and wellbeing matters and in the workplace the responsibility is on the employer and employee. If you don’t consider the health and wellbeing of your staff it can lead to unmotivated employees, absenteeism, turnover and low productivity all of which can affect your business directly. If you are would like to discuss any of the topics above and/or how to implement the policies our contact details are 01506 237753.

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