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HOMEWORKING-building in resillience for business

In keeping with the weather and travel disruption parts of the UK have experienced over the past month, have you considered homeworking as an option to support your workforce and build resilience into the business against bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. Homeworking could also assist workers to achieve a better work life balance and increase performance.

If this is a brand new step for your organisation, you may wish to transition slowly. Small steps to begin with to allow your workforce to get used to the idea of working from home (WFH). Simple ideas such as allowing staff to WFH for the first hour of the day, then travelling into work once the rush hour is over could have a huge impact on the productivity and happiness of employees.

Allowing staff the option to WFH can also open up labour pools which may previously have been untapped such as people with disabilities and working parents.

Considerations need to be taken into account to make sure managers set expectations, measure performance and build trust to ensure that work does get completed. On the other hand, managers need to consider that with 24/7 access to work technology, workers who overwork may be more likely to experience stress, which could have a negative effect on performance and productivity. There are also employer H&S requirements to consider if home working is likely to be implemented across the business long term.

If you need any guidance and support on setting expectations for employees, measuring performance or developing a home working policy please get in touch.





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