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How can 1-1’s support performance management?

Following on from last weeks introduction into performance management, it’s clear that it is an ongoing and collaborative process between both the employer and employees and is integral in enhancing organisational success through employees.
There are a number of tools which can support an organisation, so that line managers and employees gain the most from the performance management process:
• Annual/Bi-annual performance appraisals
• Informal 1-1’s
• Learning & Development
• Performance related pay and non financial rewards!
1-1’s between line managers and employees are absolutely key in supporting the performance management process. Working alongside the regular formal performance appraisal meeting 1-1’s can provide an excellent opportunity to open communication between organisations and their employees. They don’t need to be formal and provide a format to set out expectations and provide feedback on what is going well and what could be improved. Maybe work commitments have pushed a certain project back. 1-1’s can help to get this back on track and give you an understanding of how your employees are managing their workload.
If an employee is struggling, support can be offered sooner rather than later. Allowing you to keep a handle on the workload but also providing you with the opportunity to tackle any difficulties that employees are facing.
Tip: Remember to document performance objectives and your reviews, this ensures both employer and employee have a reference point and verifies that both parties agree to the plan. Your 1-1’s can help you on this journey.

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