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Why is Performance Management Important?

Even the thought of performance management can be daunting whether or not you have a performance management process in place. Some employers rely solely on annual performance appraisals and some don’t even mange to get that far. It is difficult at times to manage, particularly with every changing deadlines and busy schedules. So why do we do it?

Performance management is the process that brings together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management including, coaching, feedback, motivation, engagement to name a few!  Annual performance reviews are actually only part of the performance management process. There is much more to it.

As an employer your role is key and performance management should form part of your corporate agenda.  Line managers have a central role to play. They need to ensure that the people or teams they manage:

  1. Know and understand what is expected of them
  2. Have the skills and ability to deliver on these expectations
  3. Are supported in developing the capacity to meet these expectations
  4. Are given feedback on their performance
  5. Have the opportunity to discuss and contribute to individual and team aims and objectives

It is no longer just the responsibility of a manager. Nor is it about forcing employees through a process that they can’t control. Employees should feel empowered to be in control of the process and part of their own success story. It should not be an annual event and just a process. It should be a tool to open communication in the workplace and improve individual, team and organizational performance.

For guidance and support on how to develop a performance management system that benefits your organisation contact us now.

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