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Health and Wellbeing at work – activities to encourage healthy lifestyles

Leading on from last week’s introduction into health and wellbeing at work, initiatives and events encouraging healthy lifestyles can have multiple benefits for both your employees and the organisation.

Encouraging employees to take part in fundraising – supporting colleagues across the business to work together collaboratively can promote better working relationships and productivity.

Encouraging employee social clubs such as walking / running / football / netball groups. This again can bring colleagues together but also can help to improve the lifestyle and health of your employees. This could have many health benefits, and could support with improving absenteeism.

Promote awareness days / weeks which can encourage employees to make healthier choices. For example this week (16 – 22 March 2015) is National Salt Awareness Week, which aims to highlight the importance of reducing salt intake for children and families. Below are some of the key dates for the rest of this year which could be linked nicely into a health and wellbeing strategy.

It is important to celebrate success with colleagues, but efforts and innovative ideas should also be shared externally; demonstrating efforts towards corporate social responsibility and also improving employer branding.



01/04/2015 – 30/04/2015 Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

06/04/2015 World Health Day

22/03/2015 World Water Day


01/05/2015 – 31/05/2015 – National Walking Month

04/05/2015 – Save Lives: Clean your hands

05/05/2015 – 11/05/2015 – Sun Awareness Week

11/05/2015 – 15/05/2015 – Walk to Work Week

11/05/2015 – 22/05/2015 – Cancer Prevention Week

18/05/2015 – 25/05/2015 – Learning at work week


01/06/2015 – 30/06/2015 Everyman Male Cancer Awareness Month

21/06/2015 – Wrong Trousers Day


24/07/2015 – 24/07/2015 – Samaritans Awareness Day


01/09/2015- 30/09/2015 – Urology Awareness Month

10/09/2015 – World Suicide Prevention Day

28/09/2015 – 28/09/2015 World Heart Day


10/10/2015 – World Mental Health Day


01/11/2015 – 30/11/2015 Movember – Men’s Health Awareness Month

04/11/2015 – 04/11/2015 National Stress Awareness Day

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