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Health & Wellbeing at Work

Employers have a big part to play in looking after the physical health and safety of employees. It shouldn’t be a shock to realise that poor workforce health can have high and far reaching costs. Poor mental health has a significant impact, with around £26 billion lost each year, relating to absenteeism, presenteeism and labour turnover.

So what can you do to tackle this? To develop and sustain a positive approach to health and wellbeing at work, it needs to be led from the top and supported by a solid strategy.

Often the primary focus of a health and wellbeing strategy is to reduce sickness absence. However, the challenge is to go beyond that core objective and engage the workforce; leading to a motivated and more productive workforce.

There are a number of things that can be done to support the health and wellbeing strategy:

– Promote flexible working arrangements to staff

– Provide guidance to staff and managers in how to recognise and address work-related stress

– Provide broad information to allow staff to make informed choices about improving lifestyles and well-being

– Promoting related facilities which are available to staff to support lifestyle improvement. Think about lunchtime walking or jogging groups.

It is often a little encouragement that goes a long way. You could also promote and support national awareness days and charity events. They can work hand in hand with a health and wellbeing programme which in turn can improve the profile of your Company and link in nicely to support your Corporate Social Responsibility.

One of the key challenges can be to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the strategy, both on the organisation and individuals. Let Simple HR support you.

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