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Should I induct new employees?

Evidence shows that employees who have a well thought-out and structured induction are more likely to stay. Thinking back I’m sure we can all think of an occasion when we have joined a Company and what happened in those first few days and weeks influenced our impression of the Company and more importantly the role.

Companies invest a significant amount of resource and money in the recruitment process so it is key that this continues through the induction process.

New employees that get off to a bad start never really understand the organisation itself or their role in it. It can lead to poor integration into the team, low morale, particularly for the new employee, loss of productivity and a failure to work to their highest potential.

Whilst the fundamentals of each induction within your Company will be the same you should also ensure that it is specific to the role.  This doesn’t need to be a lengthy and costly process if you follow some simple top tips: –

Start after hiring but before arriving – send a congratulations email, meet for a coffee. Keep the communication going

Make it personal – think about their past experience, what is going to make this work for them and the Company

A warm welcome on the first day – be there to welcome them, have a desk ready, stationary and ensure you introduce them to the wider team

Buddy – give them a point of contact to help guide them through those initial few days and months. Brief the buddy on what is expected

Don’t stop the first Friday – keep it going. Have regular 1:1’s, give feedback and ensure they receive on the job or structured training

Always remember one size does not fit all.

If you would like further information or guidance on developing an Induction and what this should incorporate then please do not hesitate to contact SimpleHR.


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