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Great leadership versus Poor management

Everyone has the potential to be a manager, but not everyone is a great leader. Leaders are the driving force behind the success of your company, and decide the future of work the company undertakes in its prospects.
At one point, you may have worked for or come across a poor manager- therefore you should have an understanding of how important great leadership. Great Leadership keep employees involved and motivated, sees’ the potential talent in the organisation and creates a positive working environment – something that every company should strive for.

A great leader is decisive and driven to succeed, they accept responsibility and are fair. A poor manager is critical and inconsistent; they only delegate responsibility and shows favouritism amongst employees. Although this may sound like it would be obvious to spot these different styles. great leadership vs poor management

Training days and training courses are a good tool to help continue to develop your leaders within your organisation , this gives leaders time to self-reflect  and allows them to identify whether their preferred style works or not. Great leaders should always inspire employees and empower them, they should want employee’s to be the very best that they can and perform to the highest level. It is important that employees are allowed to express their views, as we spoke about in last week’s blog – open lines of communication are the key to a successful and positive working environment.

If you have concerns about your management team or employees have expressed concerns, the best thing to do is have an open and honest conversation with them. Sometimes there may be other issues that are affecting their ability, other times they just may not be suitable for the position. It is always a good step to take to determine whether or not the issue can be solved.

If you think your organisation would benefit from some leadership training would like further advice on a specific issue, contact one of our chartered HR Professionals today.

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