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How to build the perfect team

Working as part of a team is not always easy, and it doesn’t work for everyone – but a strong team of  employees that work together well is an essential component of a successful business.

The first things you need to think about when building a team is what the team is there to achieve. If it is a team of employees who are providing a service to clients or a team that has been set up to deliver a particular project. Once this has been established make sure that everyone is aware of and knows what they are working towards – the common goal! The objectives of the team should be clear and every  employee should know their role and what their individual goals are to ensure success. Communication is key and it is vital that the grounding blocks of how the team will communicate with each other are established at the outset.

Building the perfect team starts right from recruitment. It can be hard to put employees in a team together without understanding each of their personalities. Getting to know each of the employees on a personal level will also improve things as you will know how they work and therefore will know how they work with each other. Employees that are completely different and have completely different ways of thinking will bring very different ideas to the team than those of a similar background and similar skills set. You need to consider what you are trying to achieve and ensure that the team that you are building has the right people to achieve success. Consider if you need an employee with an analytical way of thinking. They will make sure that the small details are not overlooked in the project, which are sometimes the most important things!


If the team has been built to deliver on a particular project then appointing a leader who has overall responsibility for the project is essential.  A leader should also be the person that the rest of the team can turn to when they are in need of some direction but whom you can trust to deliver the success of the project so needs to be given due consideration.

Team-building days have mixed reactions from employees but they can provide some benefits. It is an opportunity for the team to get to know one another and can give a better understanding of how they can support their colleagues/peers.. It is natural that some team members form stronger friendships than others but it must not get to the stage where the team is segregated.
Motivation is key to making teams work so you want to make sure that your employees are motivated and positive about their job. Negativity can spread quickly throughout a team and this can be a problem when it comes to productivity. Aim to keep your employees motivated throughout the entire project by regularly updating on progress, reminding them of their goals and most importantly listen. Listen to the views of all members of the team. If you can’t implement their contribution then communicate with them why. Make sure that there is understanding.

If you currently have a team that you feel is not working as effectively as it could then reconsider the above and think about redefining goals and expectations, revisiting the communication etc.


Remember of you have any questions or would like any advice on how to build the perfect team to contact one of our chartered HR professionals today.

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