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How to deal with workplace negativity

A positive, efficient workplace is what every company strives towards. However, conflict and difficulties will arise which can lead to negative attitudes which damage employee morale and in turn productivity.

As an employer, you may not always be aware of the problems when they first arise, but there are many ways that you can stop the problem from developing into something more serious and to prevent it happening in the future.

One of the most common causes for negativity is when employees feel that they are being treated differently and/or being kept out of the loop! This can cause a real lack of confidence in themselves and in the workplace which then results in complaint. Even one employee with one small complaint can quickly spread negativity throughout the whole team. Therefore it is important that you maintain a strong communication network throughout your company. Where possible keep employees informed and up to date with everything that has an effect on them and promote open lines of communication amongst the employees. Make sure that they know that they are allowed to voice their opinions without repercussions, provided it is done in a professional manner.

Lead by example and remember to remain calm and positive. Your attitude can rub off on your employees. workplace negativity

If you are aware of any rumours in the workplace ensure that you tackle them by discussing it with the employees involved. Avoid getting into confrontations.

Think about your core values as an employer and how you can instil them in your employees ensuring that they work towards them with professionalism.  Focus on rewarding the positive behaviours that promote your values and ensuring that any negative behaviour that does not conform will be managed accordingly. This may be through an informal discussion initially but if the behaviour continues, consideration should be given to a more formal approach.

When having discussions with your employees you must always try and get to the root cause of what is causing the negativity as this can often be quickly resolved. Miscommunication can be the starting point for a lot of problems so working out the initial issue is vital.

If you are facing negativity in your workplace and you would like some advice on the best approach please contact one of our chartered HR Professionals today who will be happy to help.

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