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How to show appreciation

A company’s most valuable asset is its people, this is why it makes good business sense  to retain committed employee’s for as long as possible Once simple step is to show how much you really do value their contribution.  When you are a small or medium sized business, you may have to come up with innovative ways of showing your employees appreciation, as cash gifts are not always an option.

Personal, thoughtful ways to show appreciation may come in many forms, from taking a moment to thank the employee for the work they have done, to taking them to a lunch or even just giving them a couple of hours off work! Here at simple HR we have completed a survey and these are our top five:


  1. Encourage schemes

Promote reward schemes such as employee of the month and employee of the year. This encourages healthy competition between employees which in turn will boost productivity.


  1. Reward effort as well as success

There are occasional projects that even with limitless amounts of hard work from an employee just don’t work. Reward them for the time and effort that they have spent trying to make it happen.


  1. Encourage one on one’s

One on one’s between the manager and the employee are a great way to give feedback on the work that the employee has been doing, it also gives them a chance to give you any feedback that they wish to share.


  1. Provide the team with lunch

If it is not practical for you to take all of your employees out to lunch, why not bring in some cakes and coffee at lunch time. This will boost the morale for the whole team and give them a midday treat!


  1. Give employees some time off

If an employee has been working particularly hard on a project, show your appreciation to them by allowing them to come in an hour or so later one morning, or even finishing earlier in the afternoon.


If you would like some more creative, innovative ideas on how to show appreciation to your employees, contact one of our chartered HR Professionals today.

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