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How to attract the right candidate

The recruitment process can often be a long and tiring one, especially if you are not attracting the right calibre of candidates to your business. You should always focus on quality over quantity. The first important thing to remember is that it is a two-way street. Although you are looking for the perfect employee, they are also looking for the perfect employer.

Your company reputation and company branding is extremely important in this process. What sets your company apart from their competition? If candidates have a bad experience during the recruitment process, the chances are that you are not going to attract the top talent. It is important that your company is reflected well during this process. But it is worth bearing in mind that generally if the company has a bad reputation this can also affect the calibre of candidates you attract. Make sure that you have a strong leadership team and an attractive benefits package for you to offer your employees, this will not only retain your existing employees but it will also attract new talent.

It is common practice to not reveal the salary when the job is first advertised; however we don’t recommend that this is the right approach. If you advertise the salary it pitches the role at a certain level and it ensures that you are not wasting your time reviewing candidates that might be out of budget. However if you do decide to withhold the salary at advertising stage we advise that this should be one of the main points that are discussed at 1st stage interview or screening. Hiding away the salary for a long period of time during the recruitment process will put off good candidates. The recruitment process should be a transparent process from beginning to end.

Make sure that if there is room for development and promotion that this is advertised. Employees will want to know that there is room to grow and develop and that they have opportunity to move along their career. This will encourage employees to excel within their job roles if there is chance for promotion.

The advert is also an extremely important factor in attracting the right candidates for the job. Your advert should be written based on the job description. A poorly written advert will attract a poor quality of candidates. Read next week’s blog all about how to write an effective advert.

Simple HR are pleased to announce that we are launching a new recruitment department to help businesses attract the right candidate, we are always happy to help and should you have any questions about recruiting or would like to find out more about our new recruitment team please contact our office.

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