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Frustrated about Absenteeism in the Workplace?


Absenteeism and non-attendance for employers is a common and frustrating issue which affects bottom line profitability.

A day or two here and there, shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but what about the workers who take two, three or four days off on a regular basis?

Managing non-attendance is not a task many employers enjoy having to do, but what about the affect this has on the other workers in the company?

Being clear and consistent in your approach should effectively curb absenteeism:

Your Staff Handbook should clearly state your company’s policy on absenteeism along with reporting procedures. This is where it should be stated the consequences of excessive non-attendance and the potential for dismissal.

Bring up the subject: this can be done informally along with showing concern about their wellbeing, but backed up by giving the individual a copy of the policy and processes required for non-attendance

Keep a record of all absences and when the time comes for a formal meeting, there is no opportunity for denial.  At this stage, if the business can sustain it, flexible working hours could be put in place.

At the point of further and persistence absenteeism, it may be an idea to consult an HR Professional who will not only ensure that the situation is dealt with compliantly but from a neutral perspective.

For further information on managing and dealing with non-attendance or for information on putting together a company handbook with clearly outlined policies and procedures please contact us:

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