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A Happy Healthy Workforce?

Health and Wellbeing; Mindfulness; Positivity; Current buzzwords and hot topics of conversation, and not just in our personal lives:

More and more employers are sharing the belief that enhancing your employees’ health and wellbeing can benefit performance in the workforce, from reducing absenteeism to increased efficiency.

A healthy, energised workforce will be happier, more productive and focussed on the task in hand.

What, then can an employer do to enhance their employees’ health and wellbeing?

Consider your Company Culture: Focussing on Health and Wellbeing  should come from the top: investing time and money in keeping your workforce healthy will ensure your employees’ feel valued and encourage your employees to be assertive in requesting help and support.

Involve your Workforce: An idea might be to carry out a survey asking people what they need to create a healthy workplace.  Encourage people to work in teams and maybe arrange some competitions and quizzes.  But bear in mind that not all of us are keen sportspeople or for that matter competitive so another suggestion might be to appoint charity ambassadors bringing people together to support a local charity for instance.

Rewards or Incentives: If you are trying to encourage your workforce to be more fit and healthy, why not make an arrangement with a local gym to offer subsidised memberships, perhaps even offering extra time off outside of contracted break times for exercise; if your workforce are not gym bunnies then a walk in a local park perhaps.

Good Mental Health: Seek to create a positive working environment.  This can and will keep stress levels down. Some companies give their employers’ access to massages and counselling, not everyone’s cup of tea, but even just encouraging  employees to air any grievances in an open manner and giving them the platform to do so will improve positivity in the workplace.


Communication is key: if you are serious about investing in the health and wellbeing of your workforce – make sure they all know about it!



For more information on how to introduce and roll out a new ideas in the workplace please contact us: workforce

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