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Happy Snow Day?

Now we are hopefully over the worse of the weather (fingers crossed!)  and businesses are trying to get back to normal and deal with back log of work the recent weather has caused, we have some top tips about how to deal with bad weather and employee’s contractual obligations:


1 – It is best practice to have a weather policy in place that clearly outlines expectations and contractual obligations.


2 – If an employee is unable to attend work, it is their responsibility to contact and notify their employer and follow correct reporting procedures.


3 – Can alternative work arrangements be made? For example – different working hours,  working from home or at another site. You should consider any possible options.


4 – An Employer cannot force an employee to come to work if it is unsafe for them to travel.


5 – When considering pay, although there is no legal obligation to pay, by deducting pay consider the impact this may have on the employment relationship.


6 – There is no legal entitlement to full pay for taking a snow day.


7 – You cannot force an employee to take holidays unless you provide them with twice the notice period of the time you expect them to take.


8 – If the employer closes their premises you should must pay the employee.


Our advice is to have a clear policy in place.  In the absence of this policy, I would consider carefully any decision you are making relating to individuals pay, as there is the risk for unlawful deduction if your actions as the employer are unreasonable.


We ensure all our clients all have a weather policy in their company handbook and we expect that in the aftermath of our recent red warning, many companies will want to review their existing policies or implement a weather policy, if you would like assistance with this policy please contact us.


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