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Does your company have a social media policy?


social media

Most companies these days have a social media presence.  It enhances their brand and strengthens their company profile with a view to improving profits.  But do they have a social media policy to which their employees should adhere?

A good clear social media policy will provide an employer with a framework which will outline the ways in which employees use social media.  It will also support management in making decisions should things go wrong on any social media platforms.

Misuse of social media can make massive damage to an employer’s reputation leading to legal liabilities. Did you know that as an employer you are liable for any defamatory comments made by one of your employees about your competitors?

When implementing a social media policy, do so with employee participation ensuring that everyone is on board this also ensures that all angles are covered.

Don’t be too specific and allow for the constant changes and evolution in the world of social media!

For more information on how to put together a social media policy please contact us.

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