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Make sure your job adverts grab attention!

great a great job advert

Creating an effective job advert can make a real difference to the response that you receive so it’s worth spending a bit more time, thought and energy into this to attract the high performing candidate you require!

Stick with a clear structure and don’t make it too ‘wordy’.  Job searching is time consuming and if your advert is too long winded it may put potential candidates off applying. Make it easy for them to read and draw them in with interesting (and not generic) key phrases.  Bullet points that begin with a verb get straight to the point and also allows the candidate to visualise themselves actually doing the job.

Consider the job title: don’t be too weird and wonderful in an attempt to make your job sound different to all the other ‘call centre agent’ vacancies out there – be mindful that ‘front line customer support facilitator’ probably won’t rank that high in google searches and you may miss reaching out to the wider job searching audience.

Which follows that you should be aware of search engine optimisation (SEO).  Use your keywords carefully and don’t overuse as depending on the job platform you are using, this may have a negative affect and pull your advert further down the ranking. Make the most of your hard work by using good quality backlinks and as it can be quite beneficial for your business or site. Click on the following if you want to know how to get them for free.

Include salary information.  Using a very wide salary band for instance: £20,000 – £30,000 will yield much better results than stating that salary ‘depends on experience’.  Most job seekers are put off applying if they do not know the salary level that the job requires: are they underqualified? Overqualified? And therefore believe that they may well be wasting not just their time but the employer’s too.

And remember, just as we discussed in our blog last month about conducting a successful interview: this is the Company’s opportunity to sell itself to potential new recruits. It’s a two-way street and you will quite often be competing to attract good calibre candidates.  Your advert should always highlight the benefits of working for your organisation and these don’t need to be financial: investment in training; monthly awards; regular social events and so on.

Finally, be aware of the legalities.  Ensure your advert does not discriminate on the usual grounds and when referring to qualifications, try to incorporate the phrase ‘or equivalent’.  We’ve been speaking about GDPR a lot this month and this affects your recruitment process.  Specific to your job adverts you need to be transparent and let candidates know that you intend to use their data for recruitment purposes only and how long you may need to keep this data.

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