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Staff Handbooks and why your Company should have one

staff handbook


Having a Staff Handbook is not compulsory and even although putting one together can seem like a thoroughly daunting task, it’s one that will bring many benefits and can potentially safeguard you from potential attack from employees.

Here are the key reasons why you should have an Staff Handbook for employees:

It clearly sets out your Company Culture which in turn can foster a sense of pride and belonging amongst your employees. Not only this but it can act as a blueprint, setting down rules from above and should encourage employees to relax within controlled confines and may even improve productivity.

Your handbook will serve as a compass for your organisation’s policies and procedures on everything from timekeeping, holiday authorisation, social media use, paternity leave, dress code and beyond. It will state clearly employees’ right and responsibilities along with what is expected of them.

Most conscientious employers operate a two-way street arrangement.  Your staff handbook should clearly state what employees get in return for their hard work and can educate them on what support to expect from management and leadership teams.

Your hand book will ensure that all company policies are communicated clearly and consistently.  This will also help your management team as they can refer to the handbook when answering questions or making decisions.

It will demonstrate to your team that you are compliant with employment law and clearly outlines their rights and sets out who they can turn to when they need help.  It also encourages sensitive issues to be dealt with in-house which can avoid any unnecessary escalation of complaints.

A well written and thorough staff handbook can help defend against employee claims as it will demonstrate your company’s reasonable care towards employees.

And lastly, use of Social Media in the workplace.  Often a grey area, but with the prevalence of digital technologies it is fair to assume that most employees will use social networks whilst at work. This is your opportunity to be clear about acceptable practices.

And remember to revise your handbook regularly alongside policy reviews, employment law updates and even issues that arise in the workplace.

For more information on putting together a staff handbook for your company please contact us:


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