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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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Fed up being stuck inside at your desk while the sun is shining outside??

working in the summer

Brighten Your Desk

It’s no secret that colours affect our mood, environment, and work ethic, why not incorporate the colours of the beach into your workspace?

Play with Your Wardrobe

Nothing notes a season change more than switching around your wardrobe. If your most beloved part of summer is a sundress or bright shorts, find ways to incorporate your summer pieces into your wardrobe. obviously keep in mind the company dress code!

Try a different lunch idea

BBQs are great for the summer, so leave the boring old sandwiches at home and grab a hot dog or burger for lunch along with some coleslaw and potato salad!

Get Outside

A little fresh air can do your mind and body wonders, so step outside for some breaks during the day. Maybe you might even be able to move that daily meeting outside? It’s a simple trick that’ll score you some Vitamin D and improve efficiency.

Bring Ice Lollies for Your Office

Make some new friends and offer round the office and if you have a few extra minutes why not go and enjoy it outside?

Buy a Plant

Bring the outdoors (and some fresh O2) to your desk with some small plants. Even if you can’t physically be outside, you’ll feel a little better if you can actually see some green.

Use Your Lunch Breaks Differently

Eat outside instead of at your desk, bring your lunch so that you can use your break or spend those 30 minutes reading a book (outside if you can)

If you’re feeling more ambitious – Go for a walk—even a short one.

Make Your Schedule More Summer-Friendly

If possible, start coming in an hour earlier so you can actually head out at a reasonable hour and enjoy the late-night sunshine. (Because it wasn’t so long ago that it was dark at 4 PM.)

Or, put the bulk of your work or meetings on your schedule earlier in the week to allow you to duck out on Friday afternoons without missing anything important.

Change Up Your Commute

If you usually drive to work or take the train, give yourself extra time in the mornings to walk or bike to work. If that’s not an option, try to take a different route. Switching up your daily routine (especially if it’s been daily for years) will feel more exciting than you even realise



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