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How can I find out what my staff want?


Understanding your staff’s wants and needs should be a high priority for any employer. Investing time and effort into the growth and development of your staff will not only create a healthier working environment, but will also help to enhance your company. Highly motivated, dedicated employees are the foundations of every successful business. To make sure that your staff are working to their full potential, you must ensure that you know what they want from you.

Fairness is particularly important within any company. In order for your staff to respect and trust you, you must enforce the same rules to all employees, with no exceptions. The same standards must be expected from every member of staff, regardless of the length of time that they have been working with you or the level of the position that they are in.

Another key component in finding out what your staff want is responsiveness. Appreciate that they are taking the time out of their day to share their thoughts with you – make eye contact and acknowledge them. It can be as simple as turning away from your phone or computer and engaging with your employee whilst they are speaking to you. It will show that you do have a genuine interest in what they are sharing with you and encourages an open flow of communication.

Remember that employees are human beings, not just resources. Showing your own humanity by not taking yourself too seriously and owning up to your mistakes will make you more accessible to your staff, which in turn will help to improve your working relationships.

One of the ways to ensure that you are taking into consideration your employees needs is to conduct regular one on one and team meetings. Invite your employees to share their views and ideas about the company and the work that they are doing. If it is a large project that they are working on, give your staff a little more responsibility. It will push them to challenge themselves and will give them incentive to do more. It is also an excellent way to find out what your staff want first hand.

Alternatively, it is not always realistic to have time to interact with every one of your employees on a regular basis, especially if you are a larger company. If this happens to be the case, appoint a member of staff that would be willing to be the link between you and your employees. Make sure that you schedule in regular meetings to discuss anything that may have arisen that your staff want to let you know. An employee satisfaction survey can also be carried out, which will be an accurate indicator of how your staff are feeling. A follow-up survey can then be used if the outcome of the satisfaction survey was negative, find out if the changes that you are making are really benefiting the staff.

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