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Cancellation of Staff Holidays??

cancel hlidays

As Ryan Air threaten more strike action, putting more holiday maker’s trips at risk: What happens if one of your employees wants to cancel or reschedule their annual leave?

As an employer you are not legally obliged to agree to this, however in the interests of fairness and maintaining good employee relations, you should be prepared to be flexible.

There are however instances when it just might not be possible, if for example cover has already been arranged and shift patterns have been altered, it may be necessary for the employee to take the time off as planned.

What about in reverse, as an employer are you allowed to cancel an employee’s holiday?

Most business owners would prefer not to do so, but if the needs of the business dictated then, yes, this is allowed, but only if all alternative options have been considered.

If this is the case, then as employer you must give the employee notice of at least the same length of time as the period of leave being cancelled.  For instance, if the employee has booked a period of five days annual leave, the employer must give at least five day’s notice of the cancellation.

It is important that this is done with clarification,  outlining why the needs of the business have dictated this and must not result in the employee losing out financially.  If not, then the employer could face a claim for constructive dismissal not to mention the breakdown of a good working relationship and trust.

Having a clear and transparent holiday policy in your handbook including a sub section on holiday authorisation can help to keep things straightforward should any such issues arise.

For more information on this or advice on putting together an employee handbook please contact us:

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