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Covering your staff holidays

holiday cover

Covering holidays within a small business can be tight and tricky and something many employers struggle with.  And it gets even trickier during peak holiday times like school summer holidays and the festive period!


Many of our clients ask us to advise on the best way to manage this and we generally offer the following:


Implement an annual leave or holiday policy with parameters that employees must follow when requesting their leave.


First come first served is generally the fairest way to authorise holiday requests and do specify whether or not employees are allowed to carry over any untaken days (and it is acceptable to not to allow this).


Specify times when holidays cannot be taken, such as peak business periods.  You can also set a limit to the length of time an employee wishes to take off.


Have a central calendar, whether electronic or placed on a wall somewhere and this allows the team to see when their colleagues and members of the management team are off.


What about those in demand holiday times such as summer and Christmas time? It might be worth considering rotating this rather than saying first come first served to ensure fair distribution.


Also, is it worth considering closing the business at set times?  If so, ensure you state clearly in your policy that some holiday time must be kept and used during this period.


For more information on how to roll out a fair and concise holiday policy, please contact us:


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