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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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New Employee Induction

Do you know nearly a third of new starts do not receive a formal induction? A well planned induction can provide a new employee a great chance to settle quickly into their role and team. Remember these new employees are the future of your business. Think about engaging and motivating the new employee from the […]

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The Employment Cycle

      The employment relationship is complex and over the last two months we have helped businesses develop within these areas through our masterclasses. The team at Simple HR would like to offer you the opportunity to attend the final masterclass discussing the new topics within the employment cycle. This is a limited offer […]

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Statutory Payments and Leave

Who is eligible? When are they eligible? How much do they get? When do they get it? Who pays for it? Where can you get help? The questions surrounding maternity and paternity pay/leave are endless. Managing the process smoothly will ensure that your workload planning is efficient and your business can continue running effectively. Simple […]

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Invitation to The Employment Cycle Masterclass

        We know how complex the employment relationship can be and therefore we are offering the opportunity to attend masterclasses discussing the three separate stages of the employment cycle. This is a limited offer during August, September and October for only £10 per person per masterclass. Wednesday 21st August 9.00am to 11.00am […]

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Our 5 Simple Tips on Compromise Agreements

What are Compromise Agreements? A compromise agreement is a contract between employer and employee. The employee receives a compensatory payment in exchange for giving up their employment rights to make a claim to tribunal.   Five key things to remember when dealing with a Compromise Agreements. Entering negotiation – treat this as a grown up conversation. […]

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Employee Mentoring

Sometimes we all need someone to lean on to help guide us towards the person we want to be. The idea behind employee mentoring is to give people an effective way to progress their career, develop their potential and improve their performance. Ideally the mentor/mentee relationship should be a partnership rather than a formal working […]

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Shared Maternity Leave Proposal

Plans for shared parental leave announced by government The Government has proposed a new Children and Families Bill this will offer both parents the opportunity to care for a new born baby. The plans will allow parents to ‘mix and match’ the care between them for during the first year. It also aims to extend […]

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Christmas Party Policy

At Simple HR while we want you to enjoy the festivities we want to remind you that unfortunately things can go very wrong! CPM (Christmas Party Madness) is contagious and it can make for a very busy time for you and us at Simple HR. Warnings and disciplinary hearings do not go down as well […]

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Legal Implications of Social Media

Recruitment: As nearly everyone has some kind of social media page, it is easy for employers to find out a bit more about potential employees before even considering them for interview. Remember just because the information is out there, it doesn’t mean you can use it to discriminate against a potential employee. Discrimination against applicants […]

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Monitoring Social Media in Your Business

Facebook now has 1 billion users, twitter has 500 million users and YouTube receives 4 billion views a day so chances our most, if not all of your employees will have at least one of these accounts. Due to smartphones it’s becoming easier to quickly check your Facebook timeline or send a quick tweet during […]

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