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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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Confident Hiring

Finding the right candidate is difficult enough without also having to negotiate the discrimination minefield.

Hiring the right candidate can improve revenue and performance while the wrong candidate can damage your reputation and reduce profit.

Below we have listed some simple checks to help you avoid potential pitfalls:

Think about your job advert, too vague and you could have a garden designer applying for a hedge fund assistant!

Agree beforehand which skills are essential and which skills are nice to have; it is rare to get the perfect candidate so be willing to flexible.

Check their eligibility, as an employer it is your responsibility to ensure they are eligible to work in this country. Check the original  document not a photocopy.

Depending on your business, you may want to run a criminal check; you can do this by completing a basic disclosure online; there is   normally a small cost (approximately £25). This will show you any current criminal convictions.

If the job requires an accreditation, ask for the original certificates;  Embellishments are becoming more common on CV’s and that is fine if they are talking about hobbies or how far they run weekly but when it comes to their graduation certificate you want to be sure!

You have managed to sift through the CV’s and are ready to interview. Be prepared in advance, take time to read the CV again beforehand and note the questions you want to ask. Cover gaps in employment history and find out why they are interested in the role. Have a look at our “interesting questions” for some inspiration.

Don’t talk too much, giving the candidate too much information will reflect in their answers. They need to impress you with their skills not the skills they think you want them to have.

Avoid desperate hiring, an unsuitable employee will prove much more difficult than hiring a temporary employee to cover in the interim.

Take notes on each candidate, design a scale for measuring each candidates skills against your requirements; this will help you remember each interviewee and their potential.