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Recruitment Partnering

Finding the right person for the job can be a tricky task. Thankfully, Simple HR help managers recruit for a variety of roles a couple of times each year.

Our recruitment method typically saves clients 25% on the cost of hiring new members of staff, saves time and, ultimately, ensures the right person for the job is selected.

The kind of roles we help recruit for are:

o Head of Marketing

o Product Manager

o Technical Engineers

o Financial Controller

o Factory Manager

o Commercial Manager

o Support Engineer

o Office administrator

So what’s the recruitment process?

Simple HR have a tried and tested recruitment method which doesn’t just mean your business meets lots of applicable candidates but also someone who is perfect for the role.

We have a preferred suppliers list (PSL) of recruitment agencies that we manage so that our clients don’t have to and they offer a discounted rate to our clients (We do not make any money out of this relationship – all the savings go 100% to our clients)

We can place adverts for our clients and handle the responses, again we manage all of the phone contact and agencies toting for business.

We do all of the acknowledgements and interview co-ordination and arrangements with the candidates and recruiting manager

· We can telephone screen candidates and present a shortlist

· Senior members of the HR team are often used as part of the interviewing team or panel

· We bench mark benefit packages

· We follow up references, medical reports, do criminal record checking, validate qualifications

· We can access psychometric profiling tools

· We design selection activities & tasks

How did the Simple HR recruitment process stack up?

Exterity, Macsween and Castle Computers are the biggest users of this element of our services in that order. For the purpose of this case study, we’ll be looking at Exterity –

The challenge: A high growth technology company based in Dalgety Bay that employees a huge range of talent were looking to recruit a number of new C\C++ programmers.

The solution: After drawing up a specification with our clients at Exterity, Simple HR went to our PSL and collated applicable CVs. We sifted and telephone screened the potential C\C++ engineers using expert and soft skill questions developed using our knowledge of the industry and Exterity’s specific needs.

Once the short list was presented, we arranged face-to-face interviews and coordinated diaries for the interview panel. Simple HR’s director – Alistair Williams – was part of the interview team and following the interviews, held a meeting with Exterity to discuss the technical, intellectual, personal and emotional fit of each candidate.

Alistair Williams’ interview technique is focused and typically delivers a two year retention of better than 95%.

In his own words, Alistair describes his approach to interview techniques:

“I layer questions and check for honesty, consistency, past performance, role specific traits. For example, I have never met a successful sales professional that didn’t know their numbers so when interviewing sales people I focus in this area.

“The candidate needs to convince me that their targets are realistic, their performance is credible and that they deliver the agreed results. My interviews are professional and very focused, they are not a friendly chat – although they can be friendly!

“I get lots of comments that I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions that their (ultimate) manager could not easily ask. Whilst not a professional ‘bad cop’ it is easier for me to be direct and sometimes a little provocative. There are questions that cannot be asked and information that has to be got, how many managers ask if an applicant has any unspent criminal convictions?”

Once the Simple HR interview process has concluded, we then send the offer and act as an intermediary if there are any questions from the applicant or the agency. We sympathetically inform the unsuccessful candidates and start the reference checking process.

The result:There are lots of benefits for the client as part of using Simple HR as a recruitment partner. There is one point of contact, no need for multiple agencies, no direct enquiries from potential candidates, no hassle.

The cost associated with recruiting new members of staff is typically reduced by 25% and since Exterity only had to attend the interview, there was also a huge saving on time.

Interested in finding out more about recruitment partnering process or any other HR services, contact our team today.