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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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I cannot believe we are now mid March (ignoring the snow lying outside) and this is my first update for 2013… apologies for my tardiness! Well what have we been up to… firstly and most importantly we have a new Operations Director at Simple HR, Louise McKenna. Louise has already made a huge impact bringing us new customers and several pitches in the pipeline.. not bad for her first months work! Kerry and Megan are busy updating all our client handbooks with the employment law changes for 2013… I havent been able to find Megan for a while though I am pretty sure she is under all that paperwork somewhere!

Kerry is also busy working on new job description templates for our clients, helping them prepare for the future and identify their recruitment needs.

Alistair is as usual keeping our clients happy and working on their HR strategies for this year and the next. He is also busy working on a new Interviewing Skills course for this year to give our clients the tools they need for confident hiring. If you are interested in this course please get in touch.

As for me, well recruitment so far this year has been busy with a capital B. We have already filled a variety of roles but more are ongoing and several in the pipeline. If you are interested in any of our vacancies please just give me a call. Megan and I have been busy keeping our Twitter followers happy with lots of free advice , also Facebook and LinkedIn. Writing blog articles and our monthly newsletters are also keeping my fingers out of the biscuit tin and on the keyboard!


I am in the middle of preparing the Christmas newsletter! Huh.. Christmas.. I am still waiting on Summer! We have added a few exciting things to the website over the last month, winter FAQ’s, the all important HR toolkit and the easy to check Employment Law Calendar. If you havent already you should really take a look, its not often you get all this good advice for FREE!

Megan and I have just finished the 3rd installment of the Social Media newsletters, the last one Legal Implications makes for an interesting read, watch out for it next week! We are also working on topics for next year so if there is something HR related you are particularly interested in, why not let us know?

Kerry is working very closely with our new clients whilst still managing to update handbooks and keep Alistair in check. Alistair is working on HR strategies and planning, ensuring our clients stay on top!


The witching hour is almost upon us! Recruitment is going very well with 21 roles filled to date and another 7 still ongoing. As you can see from our blog page Megan has been super busy and is constantly churning out great ideas. Kayleigh is working very hard on recruitment and is assisting Kerry who as well as updating handbooks is also assisting one of our newer clients with their recruitment needs.

Alistair is as ever in demand and we only occasionally catch a fleeting glimpse of him! His interviewing skills are second to none and with all this recruitment on the go his calendar is full.

I cant believe that today I ordered the company Christmas cards… well it is only 55 days!


There is a definite nip in the air! Autumn is already on its way. At Simple HR we have added two new members to our team Megan Williams and Kayleigh Sutherland. Kayleigh is working with us on our ever busy recruitment partnership and Megan is busy working on our social media presence. Megan at the tender age of 19 is already an accomplished blogger with two articles published in Heat magazine. I am hoping that she can add a bit of youth to our team! Kayleigh in the short time she has been here has managed to fill 3 roles… I am watching my back carefully!

Kerry is as usual very busy keeping everyone compliant and also ensuring that our clients handbooks reflect the lastest changes in UK Employment Law.

Alistair is looking at our Management Academy training courses and he is also busy helping our clients with their recruitment, ensuring they get the best candidate for the role and retain them!

Also, our friends at StoreHR have provided us an excellent HR Software package, even we need help keeping compliant!


OK this is not even funny, who stole the Summer! It’s August… what happened to July! Well, it was extremely busy at Simple HR, not only due to the absence of Alistair Williams – I’ll go into that later – but also from a recruitment partnership point of view. We have always offered our recruitment partnership services to our clients and boy are they making use of them this year! We have successfully filled several positions over the last couple of months and we are working on more exciting job opportunities as we speak.

Sadly Katie has already moved on, as I said who stole the summer! We wish her the best of luck in her future career. I am busy working on our Twitter and Facebook presence , you really should check it out! It’s free! Kerry has been busy meeting new clients and working on the all important client handbooks. As for Alistair, well… un beknown to us our little office dog Oscar is actually a dangerous assassin! He tripped Alistair up causing Alistair to fracture his skull and damage his good looks! Who knew a cockadoodle could be so dangerous? Thankfully joking apart Alistair is now on the mend and back to his best. He is busy interviewing potential employees for our clients, mentoring existing employees and generally keeping our clients in tip top condition!

Almost forgot, Oscar was not injured in the incident!


Wow where has the time gone! Jubilee been and gone and Euro 2012 nearly over… next stop Olympic Fever!

Our intern Katie has started with us and is busy working on workflow charts and SEO. Katie has brought some youth to our team and many a male admirer!

Kerry is busy updating our Clients handbooks and keeping them compliant. Alistair has recently finished filming an HR Training video and it has been so successful we are currently shooting another one, I just hope we can keep the success from going to his head!

As for me, I am busy as ever keeping our website, facebook and twitter accounts busy. Come and take a look and see what I have been up to.


The Jubilee is almost upon us, I hope you have your flags and bunting at the ready! For more information about the bank holiday please see our previous blog at

The sun has come out at last after the deluge of rain we have been having, hopefully you have some plans in place to enjoy your summer holidays. We have a new summer intern starting here at Simple HR, Katie Crombie, we are looking forward to her joining the team. Katie will be helping on both the HR side and office management side of the business. Watch out for some blogs from Katie in the future.


I am busy blogging away and preparing our 4 part series on communication. The first part will be all about written communication and where it goes wrong! Watch out for this on 8th May.

I have also updated our Employment Law and Consultations pages. If you would like us to keep you update please let me know and I can add you to our mailing list.


We have now agreed the dates for our Management Academy training courses, please get in touch and let us know which courses interest you.


Had a great training session last weekend all about social media. I have been busy working on this and will continue to do so.. why not take a look at our new facebook page or join us on Twitter.


We have now announced the Management Academy training sessions for this year, dates and location have still to be agreed, watch our blog for more information…


We are currently planning our Management Academy 2012 … watch this space for more news or if you can’t wait, why not contact us at


Have you checked our our new page Confident Hiring–  Hiring the right candidate can improve revenue and performance while the wrong candidate can damage your reputation and reduce profit. Need some help with recruitment, why not contact us at


Have you checked our our new page Simple Tips – agreeing on the right way forward is more important than who is right or wrong, how you approach the situation can fan the flames or calm the situation. We will be adding more management tips over the next few months, anything you’d like help on? Why not contact us at


Simple HR were delighted to see Kerry Lindsay return after her maternity leave. Welcome back Kerry.

Kerry and I have been very busy brain storming some new ideas for our website and looking at more “free stuff” we can offer you.

As you can see our “Simple News” page is now up and running and I will be keeping this up to date with all the goings on at Simple HR.

Our blog article on Difficult Conversations was so popular we have now decided to add a section on how to deal with difficult situations and conversations to our website. Watch this space. ..