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We have prepared a guidance and support package. This offers you all the advice and support you need to deal with the ongoing outbreak in the workplace. You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with any changes issu...


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HOMEWORKING-building in resillience for business

In keeping with the weather and travel disruption parts of the UK have experienced over the past month, have you considered homeworking as an option to support your workforce and build resilience into the business against bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. Homeworking could also assist workers to achieve a better work life balance and increase […]

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Our 5 Simple Top Tips on Fair Dismissal

Following on from our articles on the five fair reasons for dismissal we thought it would be useful to provide you our five simple top tips: Follow the process, don’t break the law: Do not leave yourself open to an unfair dismissal claim, even if this is not successful it is time consuming and costly. […]

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You’ve done your best but the employee is not coping or improving … what’s next?

We spend a lot of time writing articles and training managers on “how to develop your team”, “improving performance” and other positive behaviours but what if they don’t work? Occasionally in every business there will be that one employee who just does not want to improve or just cannot perform their role. At Simple HR we believe your employees […]

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Personal and Professional Coaching

Training and coaching are not the same thing. Training is where a knowledgable person teaches individuals with less knowledge in that field. Training is directive, meaning the trainer is the expert in the area of learning. Coaching is non-directive,meaning the coach does not tell or instruct. It is where a coach facilitates enhanced performance learning […]

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Employment Law 2014

At Simple HR we understand how difficult it can be to remain compliant especially with all the changes to UK Employment Law and the various Regulatory Acts. It is imperative that as a business you understand issues such as redundancy, equality and flexibility in the work place; however we know how daunting this can be. […]

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Tier 2 Work Permits – How, why and who?

Tier 2 work permits have replaced the original UK work permit system. Employees who are coming to the UK to fill a role that cannot be filled by a UK citizen are required by law to  have a Tier 2 work permit. They must also have confirmed sponsorship from an employer who has an Employment […]

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Statutory Payments and Leave

Who is eligible? When are they eligible? How much do they get? When do they get it? Who pays for it? Where can you get help? The questions surrounding maternity and paternity pay/leave are endless. Managing the process smoothly will ensure that your workload planning is efficient and your business can continue running effectively. Simple […]

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Invitation to The Employment Cycle Masterclass

        We know how complex the employment relationship can be and therefore we are offering the opportunity to attend masterclasses discussing the three separate stages of the employment cycle. This is a limited offer during August, September and October for only £10 per person per masterclass. Wednesday 21st August 9.00am to 11.00am […]

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