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Talent Management

In a day and age where finding and retaining the right minds to power your business can prove something of a balancing act, the benefit that talent management can offer your business is not to be underestimated.

Talent management can include a number of different HR services under the one umbrella. From sourcing and attracting cutting edge talent to creating career development for promising individuals at every level within the business, talent management as a service covers a broad remit.

Simple HR have years of experience when it comes to talent management and ensure it brings measurable improvement to your business or workplace, simply.

So how did Simple HR fair when they were contracted by ClickNetherfield – a manufacturer of high quality glass showcases for use in museums and galleries – to provide talent management to the company?

The company:

The challenge: Help establish a global presence for the company, especially a Chinese division.

The solution: Simple HR began by facilitating a management retreat for thirteen members of ClickNetherfields’s senior management team. Amongst a number of outcomes that were achieved during the retreat, it was decided that a mentoring program should be initiated.

During this time,  the board of directors identified the Far East as a significant market and started to plan a Chinese division of the business. One of Simple HR’s mentees, David Wallace, showed significant talent on the retreat and during the mentoring sessions it became apparent that he was ambitious and entrepreneurial.  Following a discussion with the directors of ClickNetherfield it was suggested that David become a key player in facilitating the Chinese start-up as he was keen and entrepreneurial. ClickNetherfield agreed this was a good solution and followed Simple HR’s advice by making David a lynch pin within the new Chinese team.

The result: David is still in China today and the company is seeing great interest and opportunity in this emerging marketplace.

To find out more about how Simple HR’s talent management could help you identify and grow skilled workers within your team, contact us today.