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Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills

So you have managed to negotiate the minefield that is candidate screening and are now ready to interview your candidates, so what do you ask?

Here are some questions that we hope you will find useful:

  • What research have you done on the company?
  • Can you tell me about something that has gone really well for you?
  • For a sense of balance can you tell me about something that has gone badly for you… what did you learn from that?
  • How would your current boss/supervisor describe you?
  • Have you got any unspent criminal convictions?
  • (Sales/manufacturing role) What was your target last year?
  • What are your career objectives, where do you expect yourself to be in 5 years?

Finding the right person for the job can be a tricky task. Thankfully, Simple HR help managers recruit for a variety of roles several times each year. The team are happy to carry out telephone interviews to help screen candidates before the interview process. They can also be involved at each step of the interview process and help guide managers through the selection.

If you would like more information on our recruitment partnering process please contact us today.