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Attracting the right people is essential to the success of your business. Simple HR provides a range of recruitment solutions to ensure you engage with the most suitable people for your business.

From defining a person specification, job description, and challenging interview questions through drafting adverts, managing responses and liaising with recruitment consultants to managing the entire project we can own as much of the process as you need.

Human Resources Recruitment

The benefits of using Simple HR include:

Differentiated attraction strategies

By focusing on the best strategy for finding each candidate, we can improve the candidate experience, which in turn promotes stronger employer brands. There are so many ways to find applicants, with an enormous variation in cost. We ensure you are using the right method depending on the skills and expertise required.

Reduced resourcing costs

We advise on the most appropriate medium for advertising your vacancies, and negotiate with recruitment consultancies on your behalf, passing the saving directly to you. Allowing us to manage the response typically saves our clients the inconvenience of rejection handling, CV sifting and the difficulties in arranging interviews.

Interview Partnering

We interview every week for technical, specialist and generalist roles, some managers may interview only once a year! Interviewing needs practice and we provide a professional interview partnering service – from telephone interviews to face to face, and psychometric profiling. We also specialise in mediating internal meetings between panels of interviewers when feeding back on interviews and discussing candidate strengths and weaknesses.

Reduced attrition rates

Every candidate experiences a “bounce” after starting a new role. Typically this happens around three months and can result in an acrimonious release. We will help you to reduce this risk and ensure that you get round pegs in round holes. What’s more, we also help structure the review process that allows you to broach concerns as well positive feedback where new employees are concerned.

To find out how Simple HR can help with your recruitment needs, contact us today.