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UK Employment Law

UK Employment Law

The Employment Law framework provides employees with rights and entitlements in relation to every aspect of the employment relationship – from recruitment right through to release.

Understanding UK labour laws

Few areas of law change as rapidly as employment law and the legal redress for violations of employment law, either real or perceived, has become increasingly available, accessible and litigious.

The number of Employment Tribunal cases is on the increase and there is a compensation culture in the UK.

The majority of tribunal cases lost by employers are due to process failures, technical non-compliance and a lack of knowledge and understanding of Employment Law.

The costs of defending a tribunal claim, win or lose, are significant; legal fees, managers time out of the business, and of course any award made.

The impact is far greater than the cost with the distraction caused and potential impact on reputation forcing some employers to settle even when they know they are not at fault.

We enable our clients to concentrate on the success and development of their organisations, confident in the knowledge that all legal employment obligations are being satisfied.

Simple HR have a proven track record of helping our clients navigate the ups and downs of an employment tribunal whilst preventing cost from spiraling out of control.

What’s more, Simple HR believe wholly in prevention rather than cure when it comes to ensuring all aspects of employment law are adhered to as well as providing employees with ample opportunity to raise concerns or issues before it is too late and a tribunal seems like the only option.

To discuss any aspect of Employment Law, or to see how Simple HR can give you the peace of mind of legal compliance, contact us today where a member of our expert team will be on hand to help.