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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Productivity and performance can be driven through an informed and involved workforce.

Employee engagement plays a vital role in business success and it is a core component of effective leadership. Engaged employees have a positive impact on the performance of every organisation.

Employee communication in the workplace

Employee engagement is about creating an active two-way communication programme, but also about providing a framework in which employees feel able to voice their concerns or opinions. It is both an outcome and a process.

Through effective employee engagement, you can make the good great, and the seemingly impossible possible, pushing performance far beyond the status quo.

How do you communicate with your team?

Are you currently communicating via more than just emails? Simple HR help assess the communication needs of your organisation, which means of communication you should use for different types of messages, requests and conversations. We look at how communication between different teams and how it can be improved to ensure that everyone is working to the best of their ability and everyone is kept informed.

Are the messages consistent?

Nobody likes Chinese whispers, especially in the workplace which is why it’s important to look at areas where messages may be lost in translation or breakdown altogether.

Do your staff have a voice?

It’s important that everyone feels they can make their voice heard which is why a platform for discussion must exist for both you and your staff.

Do you know what their issues and concerns are?

Ensure problems are resolved quickly and easily by creating a confidential space where your teams have the opportunity to raise issues and concerns.

What does your workforce think of the company?

Embrace feedback and listen to the opinions of your teams via a series of exercises and surveys.

To find out how an employee engagement survey could enlighten and empower your business, contact us today.