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Doing it right, keeping it simple.

Simplify Your HR

Simplicity drives everything we do, which requires intelligence, hard work and constant refinement. We increase your profit by working hard, maximising the return on the spend on your people.

Quality Customer Service

We work to defined performance standards and take personal pride in all of our work. We identifying our client needs, responding quickly and always work towards their growth.


Innovation is the foundation of our business. We challenge ourselves to develop new and improved ideas for our clients. We encourage creativity and value fresh approaches.

Welcome To Simple HR

Our clients tell us that working with us gives them piece of mind, confidence at times of change and assurance that their teams are engaged and working at the highest levels.

We are an HR Consultancy based in Scotland and we believe that your employees are your most valued assets. Ensuring that you have the right person, with the right skills and experience in the right position and at the right time is essential and enabling them to achieve their potential is key to the success of your organisation.

Years of Experience


Commercial, Compassionate & Legally Compliant HR

Our service enables you to focus on the future of your business rather than the challenges of the present.

Our team of chartered HR experts provide a one stop, personal HR support. You need to trust your business partners and we invest in our team’s professional development and take time to really understand your business and your people, for examples of how great HR can add value to your business click on essential HR activities.


Our Values

We believe that HR should be simple and deliver what your business needs. We support businesses through implementing a robust employee contract which enables you to attract, develop and retain high value employees. We work with you to manage staff effectively and efficiently, in good times and challenging times.


Our Solutions

You are in business to make a difference and to make a profit. Our solutions will add value and deliver tangible returns for your business, not add to your costs.

About Us

The Nuts & Bolts

What Our Solutions Actually Achieve

Whether you are under pressure to improve productivity and need advice on employee engagement or want help with staff development and career management. Simple HR are here to take the strain.

We run specific Management Academy training courses, these can be tailored to your needs, for more information see our Management Academy page.

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What Some of our Clients Say

Lindsay Blacker

Kool Kidz after school club

Louise and her team helped our organisation deal with a complicated employment issue.

The high standard of service and advice which we received was invaluable and helped us to successfully keep our organisation from being taken to an employment tribunal.

Everyone was very helpful and professional and we would have no hesitation in recommending Simple HR to anyone.

Jim Stewart

Managing Director, Click Netherfield Limited

Simple HR have worked with my business for years now, providing a range of services including HR advice, recruitment, one-to-one employee mentoring, facilitation of on and off-site staff development sessions, etc.

The invaluable advice and representation has also helped us prevail in industrial tribunal situations when it’s been necessary.

I consider Simple HR to be an extremely valuable resource to my business and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies.

James Macsween

Macsween of Edinburgh

Simple HR’s passion and enthusiasm initially led to us engaging with them. The value comes from having an HR expert that really understands my business and they take the time to get to know the business.

The peace of mind that they have given me has enabled me to focus on longer term goals and ambitions.

They have partnered me through tough times, including winning an Employment Tribunal for us and consistently deliver highly effective advice and support.

Our FAQ's

Got A Question?

How can Simple HR help with our company's recruitment process?

Simple HR streamlines your recruitment process by identifying the best candidates for your open positions. We manage job postings, screen applications, conduct initial interviews and coordinate with your team to ensure you find the perfect fit for your company culture and job requirements.

How can I support employee development and career advancement?

We focus on individual development plans through three main areas - business needs, skills/strengths and aspirations/motivations. HR can facilitate this by offering mentorship, development opportunities and programs tailored to employees' needs and career goals. Regular performance evaluations and feedback sessions also enable employees to identify areas for growth and development.

What kind of employee training programs does Simple HR offer?

Our training programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation, covering areas such as leadership development, team building, compliance and specialized skills training. We work closely with you to assess your needs and develop effective training solutions that enhance your team's capabilities and performance.

Can Simple HR assist with creating and updating our employee handbook?

Absolutely! We specialise in developing comprehensive employee handbooks that clearly communicate your company's policies, procedures and expectations to your staff. Our experts stay updated on the latest HR regulations to ensure your handbook remains compliant with current laws and best practices.

How does Simple HR handle employee relations and conflict resolution?

Our approach to employee relations focuses on creating a positive and respectful work environment. We provide mediation and conflict resolution services to address issues promptly and fairly, minimising disruptions and fostering a culture of understanding and cooperation.

What support does Simple HR offer for managing employee benefits?

We offer comprehensive support for managing employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans and paid time off. Our team helps you design competitive benefits packages, ensures compliance with relevant laws and assists with benefits administration and employee queries.

How do I handle employee performance issues?

Addressing performance issues requires a proactive and systematic approach. We help to guide you through the process of seeking improvement, identifying the best course of action for you and your employee to find resolution.

How should I handle workplace conflicts or harassment allegations?

Workplace conflicts and harassment allegations should be taken seriously and addressed promptly. Our role is to help you navigate the situation lawfully, seeking the best outcome for your business and employees.

What are my obligations regarding employee privacy and confidentiality?

Protecting employee privacy and confidentiality is a legal and ethical responsibility for employers. We are here to provide the tools you need to ensure that you handle this securely and lawfully.

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