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What Can’t You Ask In An Interview?

What can you ask a candidate during the job interview?We are often asked by clients and business owners what questions they are allowed to ask candidates during an interview, and more pertinent, what can’t they ask!We suggest refraining from asking the following and...

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Difficult Conversations

We can Work it out…Ever been in the unfortunate position of tackling the “difficult conversation” with an employee? You are waiting for them to walk into the room and not sure how to start the conversation. Difficult conversations have to happen so that you can retain...

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New Rules for Flexible Working April 2024

As you may be aware, there are some big changes to Flexible Working Arrangements on 6th April 2024. A brief outline of the changes:Any employee may apply for flexible working hours from the first day of employment. As an employer, you have a statutory right to...

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The People Behind Your People

Simple HR Enters Exciting New Phase for Small Business HR The pandemic may have changed our working habits but the challenges of running a thriving and sustainable business remain the same. In particular, our people are our biggest asset but also present some of our...

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Your Learning & Development Platform

Tayl Announces Strategic Partnerships to Boost Staff Training Efficacy Across Aberdeen and The Grampians Tayl, an innovative and easy-to-use staff training system, is thrilled to announce the strengthening of its partnerships with prominent businesses across Aberdeen...

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