Simple HR Enters Exciting New Phase for Small Business HR

The pandemic may have changed our working habits but the challenges of running a thriving and sustainable business remain the same.

In particular, our people are our biggest asset but also present some of our biggest challenges.

That being said your HR support isn’t just there for the problems and challenges, but to be there for you when life is good; supporting your team with professional on-boarding systems, expansion-driven recruitment activities or training and development in response to customer needs.

The return is a happy team and a happy business and a good night’s sleep for us business owners!

In support of our clients, Simple HR has been working on some exciting new developments.

As the ‘people behind your people’ our new website (link) is more than a shop window; it contains links to your learning and development platform, the range of support and consultancy services that you can access and a suite of 10-minute training videos (link) for bite-sized advice.

The new learning and development platform (link) provides you with access to easily digestible training materials, perfect for on-boarding, professional development and compliance. We can also develop training materials for you in response to your business demands.

Lastly, we excited to have a new Business Director, Mark Fowler. Mark has over a decade of management, consultancy and training experience in the healthcare sector including dentistry and care at home. His work has been recognised by Investors In People and Investors in Young People awards. Mark believes passionately in the power of small business, its role in providing employment and helping entrepreneurs manage their most valuable asset. Mark commented, ‘I am delighted to be working with Simple HR as we bring our experience to bear to help our clients support their most valuable asset, their people’.

Simple HR can be reached via email or via telephone at 07974 392965.